Website Remodel

At one of the companies I work with, I update the main marketing site weekly throughout each year adding new content and relevant landing pages. Usually once a year I roll out an entirely new design for the website incorporating the latest best practices.

Page Showcase | Website Remodel

Last year because of other projects and a different company focus, I didn’t remodel the site so by the end of the Summer of 2018 I was itching to start building something new. By December, the new website remodel was up and already helping convert new leads.

New Theme System

Video Background | Website Remodel
The home page has an attractive video background

This website remodel also marked the first time I used Divi Theme on a live job with a lot riding on the success. I usually code custom themes either from scratch, or I develop a theme using the Genesis Framework. I still think StudioPress makes a great product in Genesis and I highly recommend it.

For this project, I required what I would consider more aggressive templating. My marketing involves a lot of variable content on pages and many landing pages throughout the site to give readers plenty to devour when making a buying decision. It also gives our users many points of entry through Search Engine Optimization. So I needed a system that allows me to duplicate sections of content and re-write them quickly without staring at a bunch of code for a week. Even with my extensive customization, Divi proved to be an excellent choice for scaling the site.

Mobile Pages | Website Remodel

The website remodel is built on WordPress but using a multisite install. Multisite enables us to maintain multiple experiences while keeping each property easy to maintain. For example, I’m running all the landing pages for ad campaigns on a different WordPress than the main site to keep it organized better and to allow for unique customization. WordPress Multisite helps achieve that quickly.

The site boasts a lot of great features including videos I produced, ebooks I designed, and plenty of blog content for readers to dive into when visiting.

Overall, I think this is the best version of the site I’ve produced since starting with the company. It’s definitely my favorite website remodel for the company thus far. Best of all, I believe it will serve the Sales and Marketing teams as well when they pursue new business.

Dropdown Menus | Website Remodel
The site features an extensive dropdown menu system

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