Sales Collateral

Among Cornerstone’s target market, we found that traditional white papers and sales collateral are the primary method of presenting initiatives. Staffers are overworked and lack time to dig deep into pitches. They need clear and to the point information that helps them make the best decision they can.

This focus on communication first, was refreshing to me. I believe great design is often hidden and should be. Clear communication must come first especially with sales collateral because you have mere seconds to convince the reader that your hard work is not something to toss into the trash.

I was surprised to make sales collateral and white papers a priority for marketing Cornerstone but you have to listen to your target market not your personal preference.

Sales Collateral

I developed a sales collateral series to cover each of Cornerstone’s patented services so staffers could dive into our offerings. Each document was carefully laid out in keeping with the brand’s now distinct style and, like the website, featured powerful stock images to convey the message of Cornerstone.

Sales Collateral Design

I used Adobe InDesign to develop each piece. After all these years, I still can’t beat InDesign for page layout. It’s one of my most-used tools. Each page was designed to print well on US Letter paper but also look great in an emailed PDF.

Overall I enjoyed working on print layouts again as it’s becoming rarer. Powering on InDesign and working on this sales collateral project helped free me from the restrictions of coding and mobile responsiveness. It was nice to take a time-out from all that development to work on some good old fashioned print design once more.