Cornerstone Logo Design

When developing a brand and its style, it doesn’t matter what you like, it only matters what your target market responds to in the end. That’s one of the most important lessons you need to know about logo design.

I knew Cornerstone’s target market was in government and with that came specific intrinsic values. Both stability and credibility are essential when working with government agencies, so there’s not a lot of room for flashiness. Many feel that limits self-expression. I disagree, I appreciated the restrictions because it forces you to find creative solutions within the rules of the game.

To achieve this, I spent a lot of time researching the US Government’s design standards. Their standards are surprisingly well-thought-out and communicated as well as any leading tech company. I knew if I could meet these standards, then my target market would find some familiarity with them. After all, their internal apps, websites, and documents all followed this standard. If I want our audience to fill at-home with our presentation and our brand, then I needed to play along with everyone else in the space.

It was important to me that the Cornerstone logo works in a variety of situations while remaining true to the initial design, that’s why I went with a design that allowed for both light and dark applications.