FlexPic Branding & Video

When I began the branding process for FlexPic, I wanted to start with a logo that subtly reflected the app’s core functionality which is the handling of a massive variety of pictures.

FlexPic Logo | FlexPic Branding

I wanted a robust yet straightforward sans-serif typeface because I knew the logo needed to be strong enough to stand out in a UI full of photos.

FlexPic White Logo | FlexPic Branding
The logo also has a white version used throughout the app.

Logo Use in Branding

We leaned heavily on color backgrounds, so it proved vital that I created a white version of the logo. For branding purposes, we still used the primary logo in the site’s header and wherever possible, but loading screens often used color backgrounds and therefore needed the white logo.

Color Philosophy

The FlexPic Brand is comprised of four different colors that represent the many layers of image organization the app offers to users.

Each color is used, to varying degrees, throughout the
app’s user interface, brand imagery, iconography, and collateral materials.

FlexPic Color Breakdown | FlexPic Branding

I knew the overall interface design leaned heavily on Google Material so I selected each color from that palette.

Having worked with Google Material on FlexPic for a few years, I’m not a huge fan. I think there are far prettier color systems available. That said, I think I found a few gems for this color scheme.

Promotional Video

To help explain FlexPic to a new audience, I produced a promotional video to share online.

When branding a new company, I feel video production is vital toward cementing a tone for the brand in addition to merely showing the world what you’re all about as a company.

To help explain FlexPic to a new audience, I produced a promotional video to share online. I wrote the script, hired the voice-over artist, and edited the entire thing using stock footage and screenshots from the app itself.

The video did a great job of explaining what FlexPic is all about while showing the functionality and the usefulness of the app.

I don’t get to work with video nearly enough. Nothing captures attention like video.

Branding Fun

FlexPic is one of the more ‘fun’ logos I’ve worked on in recent years. I usually do a good amount of corporate work so a lighthearted consumer-based app was a nice change of pace. I enjoyed working with a different color palette than I usually get to work with on projects and it was a nice challenge working with multiple colors in a single logo.