Introducing AW19

During the latter part of 2018, I began reworking my plans for the next year of this website, what I called ‘AW19.’ In 2002, this website became my home on the web and where I learned to build websites. My first sites were all static HTML built in Dreamweaver. I didn’t code much then. I was a print designer and college student looking to create websites because they captured my imagination and seemed to have almost no limitations.

I even remember the night, years later, when I discovered WordPress, a night I rebuilt this very website. All of the advancements in my career seem to intersect with this website. And despite my love of marketing, it’s never been a site to market me as much as it’s been a playground for me to better understand the design tools available.

Spray Can Graphic | AW19


Even now, with AW19, this site is an excuse to dive deeper into WordPress and their new advancement, Gutenberg. For the first time in years, I’m not using a custom theme (yet) for AW19. Instead, I want to focus on learning Gutenberg and understand how it impacts content creation in WordPress.

Gutenberg is such a significant change to WordPress that I feel it demands focus from me and designing a theme might become distracting.

I chose to go with Atomic Blocks for my theme. It’s bare bones so I can hack it and customize it however I see fit, but it focuses on Gutenberg which is what I want.

Unlike the heavy page builders on the market today, I feel there is very little digital minutia between me, my content, and you the reader. What you see is very much what I produced, not a lot of bells and whistles. Even on mobile, I like that.

Content First

Like with Gutenberg, for AW19 I wanted to focus on content first. AW19 is more than a theme; it’s a plan of attack, a big picture focus. A big chunk of that focus is figuring out my voice in the content I create.

For years I’ve only written about mental health through my website Sad Runner. I know I have more to say, I need to mine my brain for the content that’s inside. AW19 is a way to strip down all the day-to-day BS of my life and focus on creating the content I want to produce.

What’s Next for AW19?

We’ll see how the year goes, won’t we? I know I want to get some of my design and marketing thoughts down on the page. I also want to share some of the hacks and tactics I use to develop brands.

While I know where I’m going in the big picture (more on that later), I’m not worried about the content and where it takes me. I want to get back to creating.

I took too long off, buried myself in design work for my companies, and as a result, I burned out. Now I want to get back to the root of what I love, creating for the Internet. Building the web, and impacting the world through design.