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Designer, Marketer, Advocate

He's not a fan of hats yet the guy wears many.

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Adam Weitz is a designer and marketer based in Orange County, California.

A Chicago native, Adam moved to Southern California to attend Biola University in pursuit of a film degree. While there, he decided to also enroll in the Art Institute to learn web design and photography. Always one to start a new business, Adam quickly put his education to use, launching a design studio from his dorm room.

Since his dorm days, Adam continues to use both print and digital media to grow startups and seasoned organizations in five countries.

Adam is a perpetual startup guy. He's always on the lookout for new and exciting projects to work on. He gets the most joy when he can lend his talents, expertise, and experience to a cause or company that needs him.

When he is not obsessing over a new project, he's outside running or hiking with his wife, Kristen, and their dog Lucy.

What kind of 'designer' is he?

Adam began his career as a graphic designer which means he's created anything from logos to building signs and vehicle graphics. Thirteen years ago, Adam started designing websites and his career has evolved from there. The majority of his time is now spent designing User Interfaces for Enterprise software. His love of print design, and his talented eye for it, has crossed over into his UI sensibilities giving him a unique approach to an ever-evolving medium.

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Does Adam freelance or do single-project work?

Not much. It's not really his thing. Occasionally, a single design project will come along and he'll work on it. It usually has to be pretty interesting though. Adam owned a design studio for over ten years but has since discovered that client work is just not what drives him. He'd much rather use design as part of an overall marketing strategy. That's not to say he doesn't get excited about design. If your software, site or promotion needs someone with Adam's experience and skills then you're more than welcome to send them his way.

Adam has that rare combination of creative insight and marketing acumen. He has a researcher's mind, a designer's eye and a marketer's flair - all combined with great skills in social, web and conventional marketing media. He is the complete package.

Ron Wilbur, Lead Pastor at

Adam's a 'Marketer?' What does that mean?

Good question for a very vague term. Early in Adam's design career, he learned he had a deep interest in advertising and marketing. It comes with the territory when you design ads for a living. In addition to his budding interest, he discovered he actually had a talent for marketing and could make a positive impact on the businesses he worked with. Further, his skills as a designer and developer only made him a more effective marketer. Today, Adam uses design and marketing in tandem to get measurable results for the projects he works on.

Is Adam available for consulting?

Yes, Adam's always interested in lending his experience to growing organizations looking to make an impact. Specialities include: design, project management, business development and marketing

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Adam's career falls somewhere between marketing and design. From brand identity to social strategy, Adam's work is as diverse as his interests.

Results-Focused Marketing and Design

Adam believes design is more than just aesthetics. Design has the power to make a quantifiable impact. Whether it's the response rate of a direct-mail campaign or the heat map results from a new website, everything can be measured and optimized.

Web Design

Adam's web work usually falls in to two categories. For standard HTML sites and applications, Adam prefers to work in Bootstrap and for CMS powered sites Adam specializes in custom Wordpress design using the Genesis Framework. After over a decade of designing for the web, Adam has used a variety of systems and platforms but has narrowed his focus in recent years to Bootstrap and Wordpress.

  • Bootstrap 3
  • Wordpress (Genesis)
  • UI / UX Design
  • JavaScript / Jquery
  • HTML5 / CSS3
Adam is a driven personality with a creative mind. He thinks through problems like a programmer and he presents elegant solutions like an artist.
Eric Falcinella, Pastor of Network Development at Saddleback Church

Graphic Design

Adam got his start as a print designer so don't be distracted by all his web work. In fact, Adam believes his eye for print is what gives him a unique approach to user interfaces on the web.

  • Brand Identity / Logos
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Magazine and Print Media
  • Corporate Collateral
  • Direct Marketing Materials

Though he is comfortable in plenty of environments, Adam prefers to spend his time either working with early-stage startups needing to get their product/service in front of customers or slightly more mature organizations looking to optimize their communication efforts.

Adam has an immaculate eye for detail and knows the exact direction he wants for a company path. He always has a master plan, but utilizes all resources and vital pieces along the way to success.
Randy Perkins, Digital Marketing Coordinator at Albertsons
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Data-Driven Marketing

From user experience and customer service to outbound sales and content marketing, Adam believe's it's all about the data. If you've spent any time with Adam then you've heard his mantra, "what you track is what you grow." This philosophy permeates every aspect of Adam's marketing efforts. If you want results and the metrics to prove then Adam's your best friend.

Adam's varying skill-sets, ability to break complex problems into successful systems, his dogged determination, and his appetite for a challenge make him a dream for any organization.

Jonathan G, Sales Vice President at Aetna

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